If you do better learning in class

than on a computer



the best of the flathead

​would you like to train for a career in massage therapy in the most beautiful space in montana? we are 7 miles from the cleanest lake in the country. Flathead lake is stunning! the surroundings of the flathead are breathtaking.

the school is inviting and conducive to a focused program. these will be the best of times.! your education in massage therapy will change your world and the world around you. Opportunities and the ability to travel worldwide awaits you...​

We have an incredible​ gr​oup of ​Educators from Flathead Valley and beyon​d...

Core Staff

Lisa Jakober, LMT ,CoOwner of BIH, Owner of the Spa at Meadowlake in Columbia Falls  (and too many things to mention-constant education seeker)from New Jersey- Spa Treatments

Lisa Kate Morrow, LMT-CoOwner/Director

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist of 25years, CT/NY trained-Insurance,

Ethics, Business, Pathology/ Theory and Massage

Susan Antley, DC- Fabulous Chiropracter- Anatomy/Physiology/Assessment/Nutrition

Kat Ingalls, DPT- Super Doctor of Physical Therapy- Kinesiology/ Assessment

Dr Sarah Marie, Ac.OM- Amazing  Dr. ofChinese Medicine/ Assessment

Many others to teach specialties